Talens Art Creation Sketchbook - review

Hello in December! Christmas is coming 🎅 Today a review of super cute mini hardback sketchbooks in pastel colors which I bought this year. I'd like to share my opinion on them.

They are available in various sizes, but I decided to get myself the smallest so that I could quickly fill them with illustrations and create my own small books full of colors ❤️

Here are some technical informations about the sketchbooks:

Available in sizes: 12x12 cm, 9x14 cm, 13x21 cm, 21x29,7 cm (A4)
Paper: 140 gsm, ivory, acid free
Pages: 80
Price: affordable - from around $9.50 (12x12 cm) to $17.30 (A4 size)
Cover colors:

You can use both dry and wet techniques - the manufacturer says that the pad is suitable for all kind of mediums like pencils, graphite, charcoal, ink and watercolor.

The cover

The cover is matte and solid. It has rounded corners. An elastic closure protects your work and the pad won't open when carried in a bag, backpack etc.

Generally speaking, I love the finish of these pads, it is really aesthetic in my opinion.
The pad also includes an inside ribbon (corresponding with the cover's color) which is very useful and enables you to mark your latest drawing.

Who will use it?

Everyone who loves to draw and paint, especially outside. Its small size enables you to take the pad everywhere you want!

Paper quality

I used the pads for ink and watercolor pencils (pastel pink pad) and ink and marker technique (pastel violet pad).
When it comes to watercolors, the pages are wavy and the whole sketchbook is much thicker. Here are some photos - you can see which pad was used for watercolors 🎨

Overall, the ivory paper is very good, although I prefer white papers. It is smooth and works very well with pens. The watercolors dry quickly.

I have one more pad (fresh mint) and I think I'll use colored or graphite pencils in it.

My artworks

Here are some examples of works I created in my pads.
More sketches on my Instagram (@ewelina_kuczera) where I posted one sketch every day - check this out if you want to see more!

Also, if you like films, on my YouTube channel you can watch a sketchbok tour with all the paintings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsBlyLTJOB8

An aerial watercolor showing Budapest.

A watercolor showing a red scooter and a turquoise wall in the background.

A watercolor showing solorful facades of Burano houses in Venice, Italy.

A black pen showing orthodox church in Kiev, Ukraine.

A black pen sketch showing the dome of Florence Cathedral in Italy.

A black pen sketch showing a tram and architecture in Lisbon, Portugal.

As you can see, the smallest size is very good for tiny architectural drawings, I absolutely loved filling my pads with all these city scenes!
I'm thinking of what to draw in my third sketchbook! I'll update this gallery when I figure it out 😃

* The photos included in this article were taken by me. It is forbidden to copy this material (and images included in it) without the author's permission.