Koh-I-Noor Progresso - review - a set of 24 woodless colored pencils


It's time to post another colored pencil review. This time a set of 24 Progresso Woodless colored pencils produced by Koh-I-Noor from Czech Republic.

The brand is very popular in Poland. Back in my schooldays, I remember my friend had a set of 12 Progresso and to me these pencils looked so original - no wood, only the lead! How unique! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I like the design of Progresso. Their wide lead (approx. 7.6 mm diameter) which has a colorless cover, can be used to cover larger areas, you can also sharpen it to a fine point and draw details.
Each pencil has a number and a color name written as well as lightfastness level. When it comes to the softness, I would compare them to Koh-I-Noor Polycolor (you can use this series as complementary pencils).

Progresso pencils are available as sets of 12 and 24. In some shops they are available as open stock.

The trick you can do with Progresso - you can sharpen them and smudge on the paper:

The important things is that you shouldn't press Progresso hard to the surface as they can break in half! The intensive color can be applied easily so there is no need to press them. Also be careful when you leave them on the table, due to their rounded shape they can easily fall down.

Progresso pencils mix well on paper. I really enjoy drawing with them. Although if you are a fan of applying many layers, this product may not be suitable for you - after a couple of layers there is this waxy surface that doesn't want to accept more layers.

Here are examples of my artworks created with Progresso so that you can see what effects can be achieved by using tinted paper. I like this product and I know I will draw more artworks in the future using my Progresso set!

To sum up:

✅ good price
✅ good for beginners
✅ nice and original design
✅ rich colors that look great on tinted paper, especially on Strathmore Toned Gray ๐Ÿงก
✅ they are woodless so you can use up all lead
✅ you can quickly cover larger surface as well as sharpen them to a fine point and draw details

❌ after a couple of layers a waxy surface is created and it is hard to apply more and more color
❌ fragile - the lead may break in half
❌ only 24 colors - maybe this is beacuse this is a product rather for scoolchildren / colored pencil beginner artists than professionals
❌ only pure lead so they are heavier than other pencils - to me it is tiring to my hand after a longer coloring
❌white color is disappointing, need to use more intensive white pencil from other brand

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